A warrior’s heart, deep compassion, the ability to stay with powerful emotions, the wisdom of experience, a passion for healing, humor, love for the Earth and all of Her beings……. Doug brings all of these qualities (and more) to his work as a guide for those who plunge into the labyrinthine depths of Soul on their journey towards wholeness and realization of their unique gifts for the world.
— Chris, Louisville

Doug has an innate ability to compassionately guide others on the journey to soul. He is empathic, intelligent, experienced and kind- a true “gentle” man. He helps others explore their own depths- with a nudge or a push -yet always with kindness and empathy. He is relational, and courageous in revealing his own story and vulnerabilities. His guidance on my personal journey has been immeasurable and a true treasure.
— Kathy, Ohio

I am attracted to his work because it brings me home to me and helps me find my own strength and my own voice. But that often means facing one’s shadow. So what is needed is a safe place and a trusted guide for the process. Doug is a deep, gentle, and skilled mid-wife for the changes that are brought forth. I am ever grateful for his work.
— Tom, Louisville

As a mentor, Doug’s full-bodied presence, willingness to peer over edges with me, and courage in being open, honest, and vulnerable have deeply supported me as I unearth parts of myself that I have buried deep, risk the abyss of the unknown, and embody the life that calls to me.
— Robin, Maryland

I have known Doug for 10 years, and no one has more influenced my view of the world and life’s meaning. Having done both dream-work and soul-work with Doug, he has imparted to me his passionate belief in the power and mystery of Earth and Universe and how we humans must come back into deep relation with them in order to survive. Doug is a natural-born teacher with deep empathy and insight into the human soul and what it takes to build a mutually enhancing Earth-human relationship.
— Drew, Louisville

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