The Farm

Doug lives in Rice House on a friend's farm in Goshen, Kentucky (20 minutes outside of Louisville). The farm has thousands of acres of land to wander on and to court the mystery of one's deepest nature.  The farm is bordered to the south by scenic valleys and limestone gorges of the Harrods Creek Corridor. There is forest, restored prairie, and farmland dotted with ponds, creeks, and open fields. This land is home to white-tailed deer, coyote, wild turkey, bald eagles, crows, foxes, bobcat, sycamore, shagbark hickory, cedar, pine, beech, goldenrod and wildflower fields, plus myriad others. There are gardens, bee hives, a sweat lodge and horses in the back yard. A meditation platform perches nearby in the woods. Personal mentoring sessions occur on the farm and are designed in response to the intersection between soil and soul.