Exploring Soul and Ancestral Lineage Through Landscape
and the Deep Imagination

guided by Peter scanlan and Doug Van Houten

September 25 - 30, 2019

Goshen, Kentucky


DEEP IN OUR BONES we carry the DNA of ancestral stories that have been passed down to us over many generations. Woven in the shadows of time and the family narrative, with all the migrations, celebrations, tragedies, gifts and wounds, the ancestral energies have influenced our emotions, our life decisions, and how we think of ourselves.  This influence is often unknown to us consciously.  These hidden histories also haunt us with a longing for what we do not know, or are in the process of discovering about our unique personal soul stories.  Exploration of the ancestral stories can bring a greater sense of belonging to the world and enhance the ever-evolving journey toward the  embodiment of the unique soul qualities that each of us brings as gifts to the world

AT HARRODS CREEK SANCTUARY, you will likely meet up with the ancestral wounding in your lineages, perhaps piled up over generations. This is different though related to our personal life wounds and may, like our personal wounds, serve as portals to our development.  You will have the opportunity to transform these wounds and discover the gifts of your ancestral heritage that are bound up like a gordian knot, the threads which go back generations.  This work often resolves a puzzlement about why, having enacted much personal wound work, there seems to be something that continues to block progress, something that you cannot quite put your finger on.

THOUGH EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY of known stories of our ancestry can be a valuable adjunct to exploring ancestral lineage, it is not the focus of this intensive.  We will invite you to do a bit of research and bring whatever factual aspects of your ancestral story that you know.  When such genealogical information is not available, however, it is not an impediment.  Some folks know little or nothing of their ancestors.  A less tangible aspect of our ancestral stories resides in the energetic field of ancestral energies that is available to everyone when we move out onto the landscape with our deep imaginations.

IN OUR FIVE DAYS TOGETHER at Harrods Creek Sanctuary in Kentucky, there will be ample time for wandering in this verdant landscape of fields, forest and streams surrounded by towering sycamore, oak and beech trees. Where bald eagle, bobcat, coyote and owl make their homes. Where we cannot help but feel the old ones present and shimmering in the air. We will court the mystery of our ancestral nature, listening with our bones and the ears of our imaginative hearts to ancestral energies — engaging with them and embodying them in story, movement, and image. Woven between wanders we will utilize poetry, council, deep imagery, ceremony and dream work to court the old ones and sort the threads of our personal and collective stories. Through this process, we will seek a deepened sense of ourselves, find lost heirlooms, and possibly bring a balm to ancient wounds.

COST: $550 – $750 (sliding scale) 
All camping program
Must register by August 1, 2019

Non-refundable deposit of $200 to register.  Registrations and final payments due 30 days before the program. Meal cost not included.  Sharing in food preparation will be part of our community practice, more details on meal logistics will be included in the prep materials.  In the event that we find it necessary to cancel the program you will receive a full refund. Scholarships available.

Preferred methods of payment: Paypal or check

For more information and how to register please contact Doug Van Houten  at: or 502-472-6563

Peter Scanlan was a clinical psychologist in private practice for 34 years in Nashville, Tennessee. He trained with Animas Valley Institute and with School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide and was a lead guide for the Animas Valley Institute for 16 years. He works to facilitate the transformation of personal story into the mytho-poetic story that each of us inhabits. He is dedicated to guiding people to the edge of the deepest mysteries, holding sacred space while they plunge into those depths, and then honoring the unique power and truth of the stories that they bring back from those journeys. He brings heart presence and a playful spirit to his work.  Website:

Doug Van Houten 

Nature-Based guide of MIND, BODY & SOUL, student of Refined Hakomi, apprentice to the honeybee, visual artist, self-designed ceremonialist, activist, yoga instructor RYS 200, and guide for Animas Valley Institute ( In this work he draws on the wisdom of indigenous cultures, the natural world, depth-psychology, eco-psychology, dreams, poetry, and many cross cultural soul-encounter practices such as vision fasting, council, trance rhythms and conversations with the sacred Other. Doug’s Great Work lives in support of others uncovering their own unique gifts and in so doing transforming their own lives in service to the Great Turning transformation of our times. Website: (under construction)

Often our loneliness and isolation is due to
a failure of spiritual imagination.
We forget that there is no such thing
as an empty space.
All space is full of presence,
particularly the presence of those
who are now in eternal invisible form.
— John O’Donohue

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